Kirchner Food Fellowship Announces Opening of Application Period

Birmingham, Alabama – 07 March 2018 – The Kirchner Impact Foundation is pleased to announce the Kirchner Food Fellowship is now accepting applications for their 2018-2019 program. Launched in 2014 and based on a global need and a unique learning approach the program is one of the world’s most innovative capital markets initiatives.

Candidates must be enrolled in university in the U.S., Canada or Mexico and be self-motivated, hard-working and possess a passion for solving global ag-related problems by harnessing the power of socially-responsible for-profit companies. The program, which is built around the fall and spring academic calendars, selects 3-person teams of students currently enrolled in university. The teams work virtually and gather in person periodically for more intensive interactions with the directors, advisors and sector thought leaders. To apply click here.

“I’ve worked globally as a volunteer in ‘developing countries’ for nearly a decade, and carry years of academic training, focusing studies and international work on addressing food insecurities. However, nothing (and I mean nothing) has compared to the exchange of wisdom and new knowledge I’ve received as a Kirchner Food Fellow,” added Karla Rascón-García, 2017-2018 Kirchner Food Fellow (Epidemiology Phd. Candidate at University of California, Davis). “I’d wish for all to have the privilege of engaging in what I describe as a ‘front-line’ opportunity, to selflessly and strategically impact the multitudes in a manner that is as radically efficient as the Kirchner Food Fellowship is.”

The program was developed around the framework of a knowledge transfer model with the potential to radically lower the cost of and improve the effectiveness of capital allocation in the impact investment arena. Today, that concept has become a field-deployed program that is widely regarded as one of the most relevant and cost-effective impact-investment knowledge transfer models being deployed today.

“After decades of experience in the sector I am thrilled to see Kirchner Group taking on this kind of innovative initiative,” stated Bill Buckner, CEO of Noble Research Institute and member of the program’s Board of Advisors. “I have seen the program first hand and believe strongly in its mission. I am excited to be an advisor and encourage university students to apply to this innovative, one of a kind opportunity.”

The Kirchner Food Fellowship is made possible through the support of Kirchner Group, a traditional merchant bank that provides advisory, operational and M&A support to small and medium sized businesses as well as asset management services. Kirchner has a three decade history working with agriculture and food companies and is considered one of the leading boutique groups in the agtech sector. The Fellowship is sponsored as part of its ‘returning’ initiatives and capitalizes on Kirchner’s unprecedented track record and network in the sector.

The program is proud to be an investor in innovative businesses such as Lucky Iron Fish, a safe, cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to pills for those suffering from iron deficiency; Green Zebra Grocery, a socially responsible convenience store chain focused on healthy and local options for customers; Reach, a software company using SMS to address supply chain management deficiencies between small producers and large retailers; and Kuli Kuli a consumer packaged goods company selling healthy food products made with moringa sourced primarily from small holder farmers in Africa and central America. Most recently, the program completed an investment in Tomato Jos a vertically-integrated tomato-paste processing company serving the local Nigerian market—the largest tomato paste importer in the world.

Kirchner Food Fellowship
The Kirchner Food Fellowship, a Kirchner Impact Foundation initiative, is an innovative, hands-on impact investment program that harnesses the power of millennials to find, fund and assist promising socially responsible agricultural businesses. The program provides capital and unprecedented hands-on training in capital allocation for university students. The program applies a problem-based learning and solutions approach with the goal to enhance capital efficiency, lessen deployment costs, shorten time frames and increase the likelihood of investment success. To apply click here.

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Kirchner Group
Kirchner Group was founded in 1985 with the belief that every business can be improved and every business should improve the world.  For over three decades, the firm has been working with investors and management teams of start-up to mid-market companies to create value. Kirchner Group has become the industry leader in consolidated value solutions.

The firm provides advisory and operational services, enterprise development and transactional support to companies, investors and institutions through a proprietary approach that dovetails domain and process expertise. Kirchner Group also manages assets for family offices and some of the world’s largest insurance companies, commercial banks and institutional investors.

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