Before you Apply

Thank you for your interest in being a 2021-2022 Kirchner Food Fellow. As you consider applying, we ask you to carefully read and understand a few of the program’s more unique requirements.

Although an ambitious goal, the Kirchner Food Fellowship program is seeking to positively and meaningfully impact global hunger through an experimental and innovative approach to capital allocation. Accordingly, the Fellowship is demanding.

The program’s mandatory elements include: travel (assuming feasible, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic) to 3-5 events/gatherings (expenses paid), weekly regular virtual meetings with directors, frequent virtual meetings as a team of Fellows, and significant self-directed work. One should expect to dedicate 10-20 hours per week to the program. Also, if selected as a finalist, applicants will be asked to commit in advance to a series of in-person events that may conflict with schoolwork on occasion. If selected, it will be the responsibility of the Fellow to manage their academic calendar around those events.

Given the importance that the Kirchner team places on this initiative, the Fellows are also given access to the Kirchner Group ecosystem and may have access to sensitive information. Accordingly, the Fellowship is very selective; a background screening will be performed on all finalists. Finalists will be given consent forms before any screening is conducted and the process will be thoroughly explained.

Lastly, given the demands and the unique educational nature of this program, we request Fellows to seek academic credit from their home institution, if that is an option. We will provide support materials as needed to assist with obtaining academic credit. Thank you again for your interest. If you decide to move forward, we look forward to reviewing your application.

I have read and accept the above. I wish to proceed to the application form.

*If you have any trouble accessing the application form please email to request it directly.

**Receipt of applications will be acknowledged within 48hrs of submission – if you do not receive confirmation of submission within 48hrs please resubmit your application or email .