While the amount of impact investment capital is increasing rapidly, uniform access to that capital is not. For that to improve, new low-cost, high-efficiency investment models are needed to push money and business resources out to entrepreneurial teams in remote regions and underserved communities.  Assembling, training, and empowering diverse investment teams for this purpose is the core mission of the Kirchner Food Fellowship.

The Challenge

Awareness of the need of entrepreneurial business solutions in attaining global food security is growing. At the university level excellent progress has been made in identifying promising technologies; training teams of entrepreneurial thinkers and doers who understand the important role of for-profit, sustainable enterprises that make a difference. However, there has been far less progress, in identifying and training the next generation of capital allocators capable of understanding and investing effectively in the early-stage innovations that can transform the way we feed the planet. The Kirchner Food Fellowship Program is designed specifically to change that.

The Opportunity

Our Fact Sheet

The Kirchner Food Fellowship is an opportunity for students to have discretion over investment decisions, with a focus on companies in the agriculture and food sector with ground-breaking technologies that can provide sustainable solutions, both environmentally and economically to global food security. Kirchner Food Fellows will also receive high-level mentoring from networks of investors from across North America. Working directly with our leadership team and our network of thought leaders, The Kirchner Food Fellows will engage in a series of face-to-face and on-line educational experiences using learning paradigms that expose them to practical, real-world issues of seed-stage and early-stage investment.
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Recognition and Academic Credit

The Kirchner Food Fellows are outstanding individuals who have an interest in understanding how to use capital allocation to advance technological innovations which will change our abilities to meet the growing global challenge of food supply and food security.

The Kirchner Food Fellowship Program will be promoted during the spring each year and there will be a small Scholarship allocated to each Fellow. In addition, the Program will cover travel and accommodation costs for the face-to-face meetings throughout the year and provide the capital necessary for investment.

The programming is primarily virtual. Fellows will be expected to remain in their home institution and continue with their studies. Fellows will also be expected to approach their home institution for academic credit for the work that will be completed as part of the Fellowship. The program leadership will provide assistance and materials to the Fellows as they arrange for academic credit.

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