Kirchner Fellowship – Central America

Individuals interested in applying to Watson Institute at UFM and the potential Kirchner Fellowship – Central America can learn more here and complete the application here.

Watson Institute at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) is an intensive 6-week program taking place from May 25 to July 3, 2020 on UFM’s campus in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The program accelerates impactful, successful careers of next generation entrepreneurial leaders through rigorous training in the skills required for success in today’s economy and workforce, intensive mentorship, experience interning with leading organizations, and a community of peers.  The program is tailored for university students and young professionals from across the Americas and world who desire to identify their purpose, develop new skills, grow their network, and accelerate an impactful, successful career.

Students selected for the Watson Institute at Universidad Francisco Marroquín’s Career Accelerator in Guatemala City have the opportunity to express interest in The Kirchner Fellowship on their application and complete the highly regarded Kirchner Investment Academy’s intensive, 25-hour program at UFM on July 4-6th.

Deadline to apply for possible Central America program is May 1st via Watson Institute