Eduardo Garay

Eduardo has an extensive background in the agri-food sector, experience leading impact projects with small/medium-holder farmers, and rural community development. He ran operations in the Australian beef industry and worked as an agricultural consultant for Zamorano University, his Alma Mater. He has a master’s degree in Agriculture from Mississippi State University and is currently pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Minnesota where he is assessing sustainable management practices that maximize agricultural yields and profits while minimizing the environmental impact.

Eduardo deeply enjoys service that implies a greater good, reason why at a very young age he served his country as a volunteer firefighter doing various disaster relief and community impactful projects. He is a global Peace Ambassador for Honduras and was recently awarded the MnDrive Fellowship for food security. He also has served the US National Science Foundation (NSF) as a researcher where he led a multi-state project within the scope of Food, Energy, and Water Nexus Security. Eduardo is a Kirchner Fellowship alumnus and after finishing his tenure, he joined the Kirchner Impact Foundation as a director for the Central American program. As a Honduran native, Eduardo is very passionate and motivated about finding solutions that economically empower underserved regions which urgently demand a step-forward towards food security.