Blair Kirchner

Blair G. Kirchner

Blair has over 15 years of experience in merchant banking and advisory services, specifically in marketing, back office operations and finance with a particular focus on IT and the agriculture and food sector. Blair is Managing Director and Co-Head of Impact Activities and coordinates operations, IT, research, analysis and also conducts specialty research engagements in business development and advisory services.

He is also a Director with the Kirchner Impact Foundation and Jotralair Holdings. In addition to his extensive background with the Kirchner Group he has performed research and analysis for financial services firms.

Through the Kirchner Impact Foundation, Blair and his team are experimenting with new, low-cost, high-impact investment models that can cost-effectively push modest amounts of equity investment capital and business resources out to historically unservable regions by harnessing the power of millennials to find, fund and assist promising socially responsible businesses. One of the experimental models, the Kirchner Food Fellowship, has become an internationally recognized leader know for lean impact investment capacity building with a portfolio that now includes companies like: Lucky Iron Fish, a safe, cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to pills for those suffering from iron deficiency; Kuli Kuli a consumer packaged goods company selling healthy food products made with moringa sourced primarily from small holder farmers in Africa and central America and Tomato Jos a vertically-integrated tomato-paste processing company serving the local Nigerian market—the largest tomato paste importer in the world.

Prior to his current role Blair managed the front-line CRM activities at an IT multi-national Blair was the highest earning sales associate during his tenor of direct sales. Blair began his career at the age of 12 as a summer apprentice with Kirchner Group Founder and CEO Bud Kirchner.

Blair is also on the Board of Directors for the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation a charitable organization devoted to enriching the lives of individuals with cognitive, emotional, and/or physical impairments through programs centered on the use of multi-sensory environments.