Abigail Napsuciale Heredia

Abigail has broad experience assisting projects and organizations focused on the improvement of the Latin American entrepreneurship and bioeconomy ecosystem, particularly within México, and Central America. Her academic background is in biotechnology engineering and throughout the years she earned experience in marketing and digital transformation.

As her passion is to serve as a bridge between innovation, business, and society to achieve sustainable development, she co-founded and led multiple organizations that have reached over 900 entrepreneurs and ventures that are looking to make an impact. She co-founded The Bridge Biofoundry, a consortium of biotechnology innovation laboratories working to advance sustainable biomanufacturing where she remains a Board member. She was awarded the Kirchner Fellowship as a member of the second cohort of the México program, where she successfully sourced and evaluated dozens of agricultural water efficiency-focused social enterprises.

Abigail is currently acting as a Lead Director of the Kirchner Fellowship Costa Rica Program and as well as she participates in the Americas Program as an Adjunct Director.