Eduardo Samuel Garay

2019/2020 Kirchner Food Fellow

Kirchner Food Fellowship – Mexico

Eduardo is currently pursuing his MSc in Plant and Soil Sciences at Mississippi State University. He earned a BSc from Zamorano University – Honduras in Agricultural Production. After graduating, he joined the institution’s soils unit as a research associate. There, he worked with smallholder producers, quickly realizing about the capital investment need in underserved regions. He is a passionate solution-maker, striving for equal food source quality and quantity globally.

Eduardo was born with the desire of service towards the community. This has driven him to diverse settings, such as being a volunteer firefighter and creating an award-winning consulting project which encouraged women empowerment in rural communities of Honduras. The project created sustainable cooperative businesses models that could tackle food security and economic local issues. Academically, he was ranked within the top 10 students from Zamorano class of 2016 and he was recently inducted in the Gamma Sigma Delta International Honor Society of Agriculture. He firmly believes in finding solutions to the hard-working farmers and communities around the globe that urgently demand a step towards global food security.