Edgar Fernando Suarez Zamora

2019/2020 Kirchner Food Fellow
Mexico Fellows

Kirchner Food Fellowship – Mexico

Fernando is currently a Master in Technology innovation candidate at Universidad Iberoamericana in Leon where he is developing a technology innovation management system to help tech-based companies successfully commercialize their technologies. He holds a Master in Science with specialty in plant biotechnology, from the CINVESTAV-IPN where he developed a system to use virus like particles of HepC in order to treat Hepatic cirrhosis.

He has lead and been involved in several national & international Biotechnology innovation organizations (Allbiotech, Bionovation, Mexican Network of Synthetic Biology & Agrobioteg) aiming to help tech entepreneurs bring their technology to market. Fernando has a special interest in Technology transfer and intellectual property, especially in the use of “Public domain patents” in developing countries in order to increase the use of technology as a strategy for sustainable development.